At Home: Tuck (Toy) Baby into Bed

Now that nap times are down to one, going out with bubba is heaps of fun!  But some days, it’s good to chill out at home and play.  In this at home series, I’ll be journalling down some activities that are fun to do with my toddler.  Hopefully, some of these activities will also help to support learning, self-expression and bonding!  Safety note: whilst these activities work for my child, each child is different so please assess the suitability of a particular activity for your child before attempting it for safety reasons (and don’t leave your child unattended).

Activity:  Tuck (Toy) Baby into Bed

We made a comfy bed for fake baby using a large shoe box (ones I got from buying boots), a flat pillow (to serve as the mattress), a muslin wrap (to serve as fitted sheet), a doll’s pillow that we had lying around and a baby blanket (which I crocheted for real baby before she was born but which she barely used).  When it’s nap time and bedtime, we help bubba tuck in the fake baby before she gets tucked in herself.

Pros:  Helps bubba to develop empathy and start her on the idea of looking after something.  Also helps bubba to understand her bedtime routine a bit more.  She also loves the fact that fake baby gets to sleep next to her!!! She gives us the most adorable smile every time she tucks baby into bed.  (Also, gives me an excuse to buy more shoes – just kidding).

Cons:  Bedtime takes double the time.

Success rating:  4 stars out of 5.  Is cost effective, easy to achieve, mess-free and provides hours of amusement.