The Single Most Important Tip for Mums who want to get More Done

“So what’s the toughest thing about being a full time stay at home Mum?”

“Um… days are full.  I barely have time to poo…..and yet at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve achieved nothing.”

I tend to judge the success of a day relative to its productiveness, even though logically I understand that there’s more to life than just getting stuff done.  And because I no longer work a 9-5 job, there’s the added pressure (put on by myself and not anyone else) that I should and could have done more.  A  cuddle, the time taken to read a book (or the same book nine times) to bubba, cooking a healthy meal – all important things, but not front of mind when I ask myself what I have achieved in the past year.  And then those big projects….such as the pantry declutter I’ve wanted to do for the last eight months, or the business I wanted to start.  When these don’t get done, I feel dejected.  Like life is just passing by and I’ve wasted the past year.

Here’s the single best tip I’ve received in relation to those big projects.  Ask yourself this:

What can I do today to move this project along?

In the past (pre-baby days), I  dedicated big blocks of time for major projects.  eg. half a day to a wardrobe declutter or a weekend to redecorate.  This just isn’t possible in this season of my life (our immediate family doesn’t live in the same country, and bubba doesn’t go to childcare).  What I needed was a mindset switch.  Things now get done in five-minute increments (or less) – a wipe of the table here, putting five pieces of clothing in the donation box there.  Whilst I don’t see immediate results, things do eventually get done.  Every day I’ve just got to do something to move the project along.  Even if it’s tiny step.  I find that it’s better for me to focus on progress instead of perfection, or even completion.  Here are the steps for anyone else who’d like to give this a go:

  1. Pick one long term project you want to tackle.  (Just one!  Focus!)
  2. Put what you need for the project in line of sight.  Eg. if it’s a crochet project, have the yarn and the hook out.  If it’s decluttering, have the trash bin and the donation box out.
  3. Whenever you get a ‘free’ moment in the day, think what can I do to move this project along?
  4. Do it 🙂

Easy, right? Yes and no! haha