Being a Mama is re-learning how to live.
How to shower, how to go out of the house, how to poo (‘scuse me)
with an attachment to my body.
And when I’ve finally worked out the steps
and the order in which they work,
Bubba changes things up –
to teach me that learning is a lifelong kinda thing.

Being a Mama is being permanently attached to my phone
(and feeling guilty that I am permanently attached to my phone).
I Google things such as, ‘is green baby poo normal?’, ‘When does mothering get easier?’ and
‘Is it safe to use the phone whilst holding my baby?’
Even when I am away from bubba (a once in a blue moon occurrence),
I will look at photos of her, replay videos of her…..
trying to stop myself from texting to check on her.
Totally defying the purpose of time away from bubba
Though it’s never really possible to be ‘away’ from a permanent heart attachment.

Being a Mama is rebirth; a fast track to self-development.
It’s opened up my heart and left it so raw,
that I cry in movies which are barely cry worthy.
The little pockets of hurts from my childhood that I’ve buried
That I’ve forgotten are there, tends to stick its head out.
There’s a desire to mend broken relationships.
Put to rest some demons.
Learn to be more grounded, less volatile.
It also gives me a kick in the butt to start something new.
To do something worthwhile with my life.
So my daughter has an example of what it means
To be a part of something greater than herself.

Being a Mama is seeing everything again for the first time.
Like how incredible the human body is.
And how many little victories occur from when you pick up a spoon,
to when the spoonful of porridge enters your mouth.
And how water going into your eyes can be a really scary thing.
And hiccups are weird and funny.
And bubble wrap is funny too.

Being a Mama is the best kind of joy
a wee person opens her heart completely
trusts me completely
loves me with no filter.
I see love, delight and excitement –
the whole world in her eyes.
And because she treats me as the Mama that I can be
I become the Mama that I can be.

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  1. Viv I love this. I’m currently sitting with my little man asleep on my lap playing on my phone. Feeling guilty for being on my phone but enjoying it, and feeling guilty for holding him whilst he sleeps, but loving it. Being a mum has truly changed me. But I’m not the best at explaining how. Your words are so much how I feel. Thank you xx

    1. Sarah thanks so much for your kind words. You’ve already described it perfectly just now! That’s so beautiful. Enjoy your first mother’s day as a mama (if I remember correctly?) Much love, Viv x

  2. Viv you have such a lovely way with words and fantastic insight into how we all feel. I lost my mum when I was 24 and i truely didn’t understand and appreciate just how much of herself she gave to us and how her heart must have ached knowing she was not going to see any of her kids have children of their own. On Mother’s Day in particular I think of her and hold on tightly to my little man grateful to be in his life and be his mum. (Sorry for the sad post but I blame you for making me mooshy). Great post and you are an awesome mumma and writer.

    1. Nawwww Aimee. You are beautiful. Bubba is very lucky to have you as his Mum. I’m so grateful to have met you and all the other mamas and journey through life together – makes it so much easier (especially with all those sleep regressions 😉 ) Happy Mother’s Day. x

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