On a very good day, I wake up to, “Mama….mama…..mama” at 8am.  I prolong getting out of bed by encouraging bubba to stay in her cot and read.  “Where’s your book?” I ask in the most cheerful voice that I could muster.  This strategy has a 0% success rate and yet I persist.  The curtains are drawn, the diaper is changed and all I can think about is coffee.  We totter along to the kitchen and I make bubba breakfast: 5% oats covered by 95% fruits.  This is because bubba is a fruit monster and refuses to eat anything unless it is  completely overwhelmed by fruits.  I feed her spoon by spoon, making sure that none of the oats make an appearance in her view, whilst at the same time making aeroplane noises (another strategy which has a 0% success rate).  All this time I’m still thinking, “coffee!!!!!” When bubba is done I sit her down in her play area, whilst I try to gobble down something that resembles breakfast.  This is of course met by persistent attempts from her to climb onto my lap.  She wants me to read the Gruffalo to her (at least nine consecutive times).  I finally finish breakfast and ponder: what shall we do today?!?!  After coffee that is.

Hello! I’m Viv, the voice behind Melbourne with a Baby.  This blog chronicles my life in Melbourne with a baby (who turned 1 a few months ago at the time of writing).  I find that my days are both full and empty.  Full of chores (ha!) and full of sweet memories, but empty of ideas regarding how to spend our days.  Often I’m thinking, ‘What should I do with bubba today?’ ‘How do I make her day meaningful?’ ‘Where can we go aside from the shopping centre?’ ‘What are some cost effective and enjoyable outings?’  Hopefully this blog will serve as a Melbourne City Guide for those with babies; it’ll be jam packed with ideas regarding places to visit, eat and play with bubba (reviewed from my perspective).

The other challenging thing I find about being a Mum is my mindset.  I went from being a full time worker to a full time stay at home Mum.  I loved my job and originally had plans to return to work, but my hubby and I re-evaluated when we couldn’t find an appropriate care option for bubba.  I thoroughly enjoy life at home with bubba, but sometimes I feel a bit guilty that I’m not working or that I hadn’t achieved much in a day.  This has opened the door to lots of reflections.  So I’ll be blogging about that too (amongst a smorgasboard of other things which interest me – interior styling on a budget, food planning, parenting books etc).

Lovely to have you here!

If you want to work with me, or have a chat, I can be contacted on melbournewithababy@gmail.com.